Raising and feeding cattle is a risky business. While some things are out of your control – weather, feed prices, interest rates – there are some things you can control. SUREHEALTH® gives you the information and resources you need to raise healthier, higher-value cattle.

Every dollar counts. And every pound. So be sure. SUREHEALTH®.

Management of Twinning in Lactating Dairy Cows

In 2001, Paul Fricke, Ph.D., of the University of Madison-Wisconsin wondered if it were possible to put together a list of management strategies to mitigate twinning in lactating dairy cows.

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Three Cattle Handling Tips that Can Help Curb BRD

Bovine respiratory disease is one of the most deadly diseases affecting today's cattle herds.

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Building Trust in Cattle Handling

Trust is the basis of any relationship. True for people, and true for cattle.

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Merial Introduces New Rewards Program

MAX, Merial Awards XpressTM — the innovative rewards program that puts money back into the pockets of loyal Merial customers.

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Online Calculator Helps Cattle Producers Determine ROI

Cattle producers are fully aware of the expenses that go into herd management –

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